A New Begining

Fellowship in the Pass Church began in 1955 when the First Southern Baptist Church of Banning began a mission in Beaumont using California Baptist University college students to preach at gatherings held at the Women's Club. On October 8, 1961, after several years of ministry, the church was officially organized as First Southern Baptist Church of Beaumont with 33 charter members. Pastor Weldon Bernard was called to be the first pastor. Just over two years later the first building was constructed on 5 acres of land on the current location, and was dedicated on October 27, 1963. 

Downtown Beaumont - 6th St - 1950's (Note: Photograph Courtesy of the Banning Library District)

Beaumont Women's Club

First constructed building - Dedicated on 10/27/1963

Praying for what only God could do

Throughout the first 15 years in the life our church, God used several men to shepherd this young growing Church, These men included: John Lewis (1964), Don Hathcock (1966), Fred B. Fisher (1971), and Troy Manley (1973) who served until 1976 with 88 members.

In 1977, in God's kindness, He led Cliff Howery and his family to Beaumont in order for Cliff to become the senior pastor. During his 7 years of faithful ministry, the church was strengthened and built up. The Good News of Jesus Christ spread and many people heard and believed the Gospel and were baptized. Along with this, the construction of a new auditorium and an educational wing followed. This provided for not only more room and ministry opportunities, but also space for future ministry. 

I would be more than happy to be your pastor if you would pray with me to this end, that the things that happen in this place would be so supernatural, that the only way to explain them is the fact that God did it.
— Cliff Howery

A Long obedience in the same direction

In 1984, Cliff and his family were called to serve the Lord in Canada. As he transitioned to this new role, God's faithfulness was again on display as Dr. Walter Price was invited to be the next senior pastor. Pastor Walter and his family moved to Beaumont and the church experienced God's blessing in numerous ways. 

Through Pastor Walter's firm commitment to biblical teaching, the church was strengthened and built up during the next 32 years. Week after week, as the Word of God was clearly and faithfully proclaimed, many people became followers of Jesus and were discipled. During these three plus decades, the city of Beaumont quadrupled in size and experienced many changes to the community. By God's grace, Pastor Walter, along the other elders, faithfully shepherded the church through these seasons of growth. As the church campus grew with new buildings and additions, in many ways, it reflected the vibrant, expansion that was taking place in the city. The spread of the Gospel was also experienced through numerous partnerships with missionaries around the world, as well as, various Christian organizations serving to make Christ known in the world. 

God's Faithful Provision and Kindness

In the years leading up to Pastor Walter's retirement, the elders and the church began to plan and pray for who God might provide as the future senior pastor. In answer to those prayers, God called Dr. Mark Rogers to fill this role. After several years of theological training and serving in various ministry positions in the Midwest, Mark, along with his wife, Stephanie, and their three girls moved back to their home state of California. 

After joining staff as the associate senior pastor in 2014, Pastor Mark transitioned into the senior pastor role in 2016. The transition was again marked by God's faithfulness as the church and elders displayed a God-honoring humility and grace as this new chapter in our church's history was launched. 

Pastor Mark, along with the elders and church body, are eager to see how God will continue to work in our midst in the coming years. As our community and the world continues to grow and change, may God's grace be poured out in new and powerful ways so that Christ might be exalted in our church and in the world.